Attack of the tear Monster


So I was thinking the other day, or should I say year about some of the things that I have cried about in the past.

I wouldn’t call myself a cry baby but I was laughing just thinking about the myriad of reasons one would cry, most of which are unexplainable :O

You know how you get that feeling in your tummy and you know you’re about to throw up after eating/tasting, ok having ūüėõ something nasty and then other times without any notice you just find yourself throwing up,no warning,nada…..

I think tears have the same effect.You never know when they’ll spring out of you..could be after having a massive laugh, #pitypartyforme times ; aaaaw, how sweet moments, sad/woiye moments, moments when one is overwhelmed by grief or the kindness of others or even happy times.

Strange enough I find that I cry when I least expect to and a couple of  times when I actually have had a reason to cry , my tear glands would not budge.

Lucky for me very few people have witnessed me cry: Including umm… my folks and siblings who got used to it, They have to love me whatever the case, we family and Thank God for that cz it looks nasty for reals.loooool

Then there are those Mushy movie scenes #tearjerkers that just leave you feeling like crap ¬†or really weirdly happy.Imagine I didn’t cry when I watched the Titanic the year it was released and I was armed with tissue, ready!

Possibly had more walls up then than I do now or less I don’t know \o/ #tobecontinued

You know you’ve looked at yourself crying in your bedroom or possibly bathroom mirror #dont deny it

I need some tips from all of you,( movie starts too),who have the luxury of looking fabulous  while some of us unleash the tear monster frightening our unsuspecting victims.Cheers

#NoRegrets though, for tears cried .Can’t change the past so it would be useless to say I wish this hadn’t happened ,I wish I hadn’t watched that movie/documentary lol or I wish that hadn’t affected me ¬†much.

Waste not fresh tears over old griefs ~ Euripides

I pray the tears to be cried in 2012 will ALL or at least  for the MOST part ,tears of joy,happiness,laughter.

Happy New Tears people!




Of Banter and Things


I talk a lot at work which requires in some cases small talk

and there are three types of peeps you can talk to:

brick wall/the owls: yes or no shutting down your attempt to hold a convo

the hyena who will laugh at everything you say including sarcastic comments they unleash

the energiser bunny: goes on and on and on and on again

speaking of which recently noticed how easy it is to unknowingly hog a convo talking about yourself ¬†cutting off the listening party from contributing to the convo or maybe I’ve been meeting peeps who are just indifferent to my vibes lol well i cn talk to myself without looking like a crazy person thank you! (Kinda like what I’m doing right now loooool)

irked when smne asks me to tell them a story/Sema how is your life? #general much you want the long version or the short one loool I call that a scapegoat cz they probably have nothing to say either and decide to throw in an awkard moment to shine the spotlight on the less wittier of the two.

Hope not to shutdown any convos for fear of embarrassment or boredom but will also have my exit strategy in check just in case.



Excuses Excuses


No time to cook

No time for visitors

No time to go gym/swimming

No time to …

no time to pray

no time to send a text surely at this day and age where there are so many free apps

but we have time to couch potato and watch a series/movie/sleep

or call up peeps only when we need something lets not be users peeps!

no time to clean the house/fold my clothes

No time to dress up, then time flies and you find at the bottom of the closet clothes/shoes/jewellery set aside for that special occasion that never arrived

i joined the YOLO bandwagon on this one!

and you dont even have kids/dependants uko solos

On to the Next One!


Firstly, Happy new year beautiful people!!!!!!!

Must say this has been one of the most ‘full of emotion’ transition into a new year I have had yet.

I was amazed at how a single act of kindness from a stranger left me perplexed.I must say I was a bit disappointed with myself, as I found it hard to believe that they did not want anything in return for their kindness.And it seems i was not alone, as when  I tried to spread the kindness ,It was rejected and met with suspicion.

There really are kind people out there, we just need to believe.

Shortly after what started off as a joke with a loved one turned into an argument and almost fight   which resulted in a change of plans.Still irks me that I get so self-conscious if my drama causes a scene in public :O

Well, hopefully by God’s grace that will be a thing of the past after today. One day at a time!

Speaking of which I really need to make the first move in reconciliation and apologise , even though it was not entirely my fault :P, its the right thing to do!

anywhoooo,¬†Soooo….. one of my resolutions or should I say action plans for 2012 is to laugh more.Once upon a time, I used to laugh a lot more than I have done recently, at silly things and serious things too ūüėÄ :D.I had a wonderful time today with a group of friends, met new people , spent time with some old friends and laughed a lot!I must say it made the night more memorable and Fun was really what we made it out to be.

Even though my ¬†original plans got derailed,at the end of the day I’m glad I feel I’m where I wanted to be when I got up yestermorning :-D.

I just want to send a special S/O to God without whom I would not have seen this day/year.There are so many mistakes I made in 2011 and I am grateful for the lessons learnt and for the FAVOUR I received on numerous occasions.I pray that this year your heart’s desires may be met according to God’s riches in Glory.



P.S Please say no to Drugs!!!!!!!

Let’s do different this time round \o/!



As this month comes to an end, there are a couple things I know I could have done better;

a couple of situations where I could have been a better person;

apparently the existence in which I effectively shot some people to mars and back was all in my head

a number of days,when I could have spent my time and money more wisely

so as spotted on social media, its time to tell feb to march!

Mabsoot Monday


Soooo….incase you hadn’t noticed

its valentine’s day peoples ūüôā

At a time like this a year ago i was busy brooding about

how my almost date wasn’t going to happen

oh well i still have mixed feelings about how i should feel about such things months,year(s)

later even but hey i think a no regret policy should remedy the situation

Anyhow i’m not so sure i’ll be rocking red but the day is young!

I’m really hoping to do a ‘good’ deed today,

spread some love somewhere i hope it works out amidst everything!

happy Valentine’s day to you and yours

shosh was here